Bos en Burcht Fair

On the recently kept “Bos and Burchtfair” in Oostvoorne on Saturday 26 May, "The gardeners of Voorne-Putten" provided free flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables for the charity.

The organisation was in the hands of the PR commission agriculture and horticulture Voorne- Putten in collaboration with the board of the foundation Old Tafo-school project Ghana. Members of the PR committee helped the entire day to turn the sales into a success. The interest for the Rockanjeschool in Ghana was great because a lot of products were sold. The result at the end of the day was fantastic! For more than € 5,867,42 was sold.

The money will be spent for the school fund of the Rockanjeschool. Out of this school fund, educational tools, warm meals, clothing and possibly medical costs are paid for the very poorest students of the school. On behalf of the Rockanjeschool and the foundation Old Tafo, we will thank the PR commission and especially all the ladies who have helped.