ROC ASA Almere

The ROC ASA school in Almere is a school for vocational and higher administrative education. They would like to support the Rockanje school with the administration, but they also want to offer a few students of the Rockanje school financial help with their further education on a different school. For the students of ROC ASA as well as the students of the Rock Pres this is a beautiful chance to communicate with each other. As a result they will get to know more about the other school and the daily life and future in the other country. Therefore, we are very happy with their interest and help. Around Christmas the school started a campaign right away and collected money for the adoption of a few students of the school. You can read their report below:


20 January 2011, activities for charity bring in 600 Euros
On January 19th the students of ROC ASA in Almere handed over a cheque of 600 Euros to the representatives of the Rockanje school in Ghana. In the weeks before the Christmas holiday the students have been organizing all kinds of activities to collect as much money as possible for this charity.

“During the Christmas season the main theme was ‘Christmas in contrast’ ”, says Erik Kuiper, Accounting teacher. “With each other we talked about all sorts of contrasts and we wanted to do something for someone else. Soon we decided we wanted to support the Rockanje school financially.
It is a school for children of all ages where they, besides being educated, are also provided with medical care, clothing, food, and shelter”. The Rockanjeschool is located in Kumasi and is twinned with the city Almere.

To collect the money several activities were organised, such as teaching Zumba, throwing a school party, and selling all kinds of sweets like sandwiches, muffins, and brownies.