News from the kitchen

In the kitchen of the Rockanje school there will be a change. Up till now wood and charcoal were used to prepare the food for the students. Not very environmentally friendly of course! There was always a lot of smoke in the kitchen and sometimes the smoke also penetrated into the clasrooms. This really had to change soon.

The last two months we received a few nice donations. A family sent us the money which they were given for their 45th year anniversary and someone else had put a bus out for her birthday to collect money for our school. Some friends who still had money left from a collection for another charity, donated a part of that to the Rockanje school. As a result, we could buy 3 stokers and 3 gas cylinders for the school.

From now on these will be used. The ladies in the kitchen are very happy with the stokers and purchase gas cylinders. Now they don't have to chop wood anymore and can keep their clothes clean. A big thank you again to the generous donators.