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Our school coordinator Mr. Alex Ofosu will inform you about the latest news from school. for feedback or comments see below.


Wednesday, 6. December 2017 - 15:16 o'clock

The Rockanje school will close for x-mas holidays on the 14th December 2017, and resume on 9th January 2018.

The school will spend 3weeks for the X-mas holidays.
The school Administration will still be operating.

Thursday, 23. November 2017 - 12:42 o'clock
Wednesday Morning worship, at Mamponteng school.

Pupils from Rockanje Educational complex -Mamponteng had their Wednesday morning worship and are attentively listening to their service leader in the classroom.

Thursday, 23. November 2017 - 12:28 o'clock
Wednesday Morning worship by the JHS

Wednesday Morning worship by the Juniors and was preached by the second minister of Old Tafo -Congregation and was held at the school assemble hall.

Thursday, 23. November 2017 - 12:22 o'clock
Wednesday Morning worship

Each and every Wednesday morning Pupils of Rockanje-primary school gathered at the Ebenezer Presbyterian Church Old Tafo- kumasi for their morning worship.
When they are gathered,they're taught of the Gospel, songs, and any other activities or announcement from offices of presby. schools

Thursday, 23. November 2017 - 12:06 o'clock

Friends from Old Tafo Foundation in Holland visiting the Rockanje Presbyterian schools in Old tafo and Mamponteng.
These two visitors,where from Venrag- Holland paid first visit to the Rockanje schools- Ghana.
They were Melissa Barents and Jan.

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