Westvoorne flag waving in Ghana

On April 12 at 15.00 mayor de Jong presented the Westvoorne flag to Mrs. Engels of the Old Tafo Foundation.

The City Council has declared Westvoorne to Millennium Municipality. In this way, the municipality Westvoorne would like to contribute to the Millennium Goals. One of these goals is to give all boys and girls a chance at education. The Rockanje school in Ghana is an example of a project that contribute in its own way to achieving the Millennium Goals.
By handing over the town flag, the municipality focuses on the importance of good education in the Third World, and on the involvement of Westvoorne. The Foundation Old Tafo receives an annual grant to support this project.

The old flag is completely worn out and needs to be replaced. The Rockanje school is also celebrating its 15th anniversary in Septemper. For the board (see picture below) this is a great opportunity to hand over the new flag to the school.