The government pays the education in Ghana., but the children have to take care of educational aids themselves. Extra provisions, such as (computer) courses, nutrition, and health care, are charged by the school. Many parents in the Old Tafo area can hardly manage that.
Sometimes the entire family saves money for a child to go to school. The Rockanjeschool has a lot of abandoned and orphaned children. They are not officially registered at the school but they are condoned. When the inspection comes, they will quickly be expelled.
For just € 5,00 each month or € 55,00 each year, one can help a child to go to school carefree. For this, the child will get the required educational aids, a warm meal, medical help and possible extra courses.

The school trust fund is managed by the foundation “Old-Tafo’’ In Rockanje, in cooperation with the schoolboard and the PTA of the Rockanje school in Old Tafo Kumasi. The money will be spent 100% on the child, because our foundation only has minor administrative or other costs. We don’t want to waste a penny for this project. Today we also appeal to you. Please help us to also give the poorest children from Old Tafo a better future! Doesn’t every child have the right to get an education?

How can you become a sponsor of the Rockanjeschool trust fund?
You can call and register as sponsor on Tel: +31181-483301 or +31612578134
You can also use the form below and send it to us. Your donation is very welcome as well, and if you prefer to remain anonymous, you can deposit your contribution directly to our bank account that you can find at the bottom of this page. Donors are regularly informed of developments at the school. It is also possible to correspond with a child. Fill out the form below and we will send you all the information as soon as possible.

Or send your question to: info@rockanjeschool.com

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You can also transfer donations by stating "Giften Old Tafo" as a reference on account number NL47 RABO 0355 7500 07 You can donate online as well, by clicking on the button at the left. For more information you can call Mr. F. Engels on tel: +31612578134



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