The School

The school was designed by an architect, based on existing models of other common Presbyterian schools in Ghana. The local population of Old Tafo built the school themselves under the watchful eye of an experienced contractor. On the upper floor as well as the lower floor there is a covered gallery. The upper floor can be reached on either side by a stone staircase. The school is connected to the main electricity network and to the water supply system. On the upper gallery there is a large water tank, which is used during the dry season or when the water supply system fails. Each classroom can be kept cool by two installed ceiling fans and the computer classes have air conditioning.

The building was built in a U-shape; the ground floor consists of a nursery, kindergarten and elementary school. There is also a technical center, the school clinic and offices, and toilets and showers for the teachers.

On the first floor are a Junior Highschool (3-year Dutch “Mavo”), 2 computer classrooms, and the library. The primary school, which consists of 6 classes, was opened in 1996. The J.H.S. was put into use in 1998. The ground floor houses the headmaster’s office, the administration room, the staff room, and four toilets and two showers for the teachers.