Welcome at the Rockanjeschool


The school in 1996

"Stichting OldTafo scholenproject" has helped streetchildren in the slums of Kumasi in Ghana to go to school since 1996. "Old-Tafo" is the name of the district in Kumasi where the school is. The founders are from Rockanje and surroundings, hence the name "Rockanjeschool". In Ghana the school is also known as "Rockanje Presbyterian Experimental Basic School" or "Rockpres".



The school today

At this moment the school has more than 1675 pupils and 50 teachers, including extra staff, work there. The building has 2 floors where the children can be taught at the nursery, at the kindergarten, at primary school and at secondary school. Besides that, the school has a technical center, a computer department, a clinic and a kitchen. For more information, click here.


On 19 October 2016 the Rockanjeschool celebrated its 20th anniversary. A part of the board of the school (all dressed in specially made garments) joined the festivities in Ghana. read more>>>


Our school coordinator Mr. Alex Ofosu will inform you about the latest news from school. Read more>>>


On Saturday, March 14th, 2015 Margreeth English received a check for € 12,000,- out of the hands of Rotary President Hans Stravers. After a good consultation with the school, we decided to build an additional floor on the technical Centre. Read more>>>


Construction 2nd school It took some time but the construction of the 2nd Rockanje School is now really started. We have ...

Volunteers The Rockanjeschool in Kumasi continuously looks for enthusiastic teachers or interns who want to work and give advice, on a voluntary base and at one"s own expense, for a few months at the nursery...



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